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Commercial Services

The Driveway of the ever popular "Dazzle Coffee"
-Pflugerville, Tx

A well maintained outdoor space draws attention, that in turn  attracts business, customers, tenants, and investors. We understand the  need for a beautifully maintained property and we give that to each of  our clients. It is also more cost effective to maintain your property, rather than correcting problems that have compounded.

We will clearly communicate to you what your property needs and will work with you to add value to your outdoor space. With our experienced crews and regular site inspections you will see the difference that  Cat’s Landscape Services provides.  A maintained environment is an improved and healthy environment!

Irrigation Installation and Repair



As a Licensed Texas Irrigator, Cat’s Landscape Services has the  knowledge and experience to complete all aspects of your irrigation installation or repair.

Using the latest installation design methods, we will work with you so that your property receives the amount of water it needs, while being  environmentally cognizant of water conservation. Our technicians design  your system keeping the beauty of your property, and the environment in mind.

Tree Trimming and Removal


 Here at Cat’s we understand the importance of tree care and  preservation. We will work with you to help you better understand tree care methods and trimming to keep both you, and your property safe. We provide trimming services that could be a safety issue and remove any  dead trees that are eye sores. We want your property to have large, healthy trees that are not a safety hazard to anyone who comes to your property.