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we customize our landscape designs

Personal Style


We take the time to meet with the customer and listen to his/her needs and preferences. 

Existing Landscape


Taking into account existing hard scapes, trees, and plants ensures that the design is appropriate and cost-efficient.

Time for Maintenance


Does the homeowner enjoy gardening?

Or does the homeowner prefer low maintenance plants?  



How long will the project take? Are there any constraints or deadlines that the homeowner has that should be taken into account?

Irrigation Needs


Irrigation in a Texas landscape is a necessity for grass and many trees and plants. However, we can design xeriscapes with low water requirements.   



How much will the project cost?

We address the variables that can affect final pricing up front so that there are no unexpected costs. 

specializing in texas landscapes

Do you have deer in your area?


Homeowners often have deer, so we recommend deer resistant plants. (No plant is absolutely deer-proof, but there are plants they avoid.)

Spring is almost here!


This is a great time to start planning for that new flower bed, tree planting, or vegetable garden. Cat's Landscape can refresh your existing outdoor areas, or design and install something new!